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Tandem Skydiving in South AfricaTandem Skydiving in South Africa

Not sure whether skydiving is your sport or not?
Your friends are mad about skydiving and you want to join them for a holiday in Cape Town? No problem! Decide later whether you want to start skydiving and book the AFF course whenever you please.

A tandem skydive is the perfect and easy start to your skydiving career and it is fun! Join an experienced tandem instructor and jump off the plane from at least 9.000 ft. and get at least a 30 seconds free fall adventure. Under parachute you may steer the chute for a while, if you like, or just enjoy the fabulous views and let the instructor fly the chute to a safe landing.

We offer Tandem Skydives at two different locations:

Tandem Skydiving - Cape TownTandem Skydiving - Cape Town

Our Cape Town Dropzone is located 20 min North of the City Centre and offers unbeatable views. On the way to altitude you see Table Mountain in the South, spot Robben Island in the West or have a look at the Lagoon of Langebaan in the North. We jump 7 days a week.

Tandem Skydive - Cape Town

OfferTandem Cape Town Tandem Skydive from 9.000 ft

Price2300 ZAR (in EUR)
* Handycam + still pictures
Price650 ZAR (in EUR)

Tandem Skydiving - Cape Town

The footage will be copied onto an USB-Stick for you to take home.

Tandem Skydiving - WinelandsTandem Skydiving - Winelands

Our Wineland Dropzone is located in Robertson, a two hour drive from Cape Town. You can enjoy a scenic ride to altitude and have a look at the mountains and vineyards around Robertson. It's the perfect weekend getaway. This Dropzone operates weekends only.

Tandem Skydive - Winelands

OfferTandem Winelands Tandem Skydive from 11.000 ft

Price2300 ZAR (in EUR)
* Video
Price650 ZAR (in EUR)
* Video + still pictures
Price770 ZAR (in EUR)
* Handycam Video
Price450 ZAR (in EUR)

Tandem Skydiving - Cape Town

* Camera options:
An option, which is not always available, is to have your tandem skydive filmed. This can be done by an outside cameraman (another skydiver, who wears a camera on his helmet and jumps alongside the Tandem Skydive), or by the Tandem Master himself who wears a handycam mounted on one hand. The footage will be copied onto an USB-Stick for you to take home.

Want to do it yourself? AFF-CourseAdvanced Training

Just book an AFF-Course with us and join the Skydiving Community!

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AFF-Course SkydivingAFF-Course Skydiving

2 Weeks | AFF-Course
10 jumps & video debriefing

Price:17500 ZAR (in EUR)

+ Airport shuttle (pick up & drop off)
+ Services
+ Accommodation (single-, double- or triple)

Double occupancy:Rates on request
Single occupancy:Rates on request

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3 Friends AFF-Course Skydiving3 Friends AFF-Package

2 Weeks | AFF-Course
10 jumps & video debriefing

Price:17500 ZAR (in EUR)

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