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Contact address:

This is our office address only, not the Dropzone!
We supply directions to the dropzone with the booking confirmation.

Claudia Bonna
5, Norman Road
Cape Town 8001

Phone: +27 21 439 3902
Cell: +27 72 132 6168

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Booking and Payment
Booking is compulsory after a payment of 10% of the package fee. Pay this first rate on our account. The rest is to be paid in cash in Rand in Cape Town. Booking is compulsory as soon as the first payment on our account is confirmed via e-mail to you.

Your payment and the confirmation by us is compulsory. But if there are important reasons for a cancellation from your side, we kindly ask you to inform us immediately. Up to 21 days ahead we will pay you the deposit back. Afterwards we would keep the deposit, but if you decide to do the course to any later stage, we will still keep it as a deposit.

Included in the club member fee is an accident insurance, valid after south African terms and conditions. It is not replacing your private travel insurance. Please make sure you have your travel insurance.

The age restriction is 18 years.

The weight restriction for the AFF course and for the Tandem jump is 100kg.

The package prices are per person and in south african Rand and subject to change.

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AFF-Course SkydivingAFF-Course Skydiving

2 Weeks | AFF-Course
10 jumps & video debriefing

Price:29800 ZAR (in EUR)

+ Airport shuttle (pick up & drop off)
+ Services
+ Accommodation (single-, double- or triple)

Double occupancy:Rates on request
Single occupancy:Rates on request

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3 Friends AFF-Course Skydiving3 Friends AFF-Package

2 Weeks | AFF-Course
10 jumps & video debriefing

Price:29800 ZAR (in EUR)

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